William Wallace - Braveheart

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  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Also Known by the Nickname: Braveheart
  • Lifespan: 1270 1305
  • Date of Birth: He was born in 1270, probably near Ellerslie (now Elderslie), in Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Family connections : He was believed to be the son of Sir Malcolm Wallace, Laird of Elderslie and Auchinbothie
  • Date of Death: William Wallace - Braveheart died on 23 August 1305
  • Character of William Wallace - Braveheart: Brave, charismatic, stubborn and tenacious
  • Accomplishments or why William Wallace - Braveheart was famous: For leading a Scottish rebellion against King Edward I of England, a great Scottish hero

William Wallace - Braveheart
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John Baliol and King Edward I
During the reign of Edward I the king of Scotland died and thirteen men claimed the throne. Instead of fighting to decide which of them should be king they asked Edward I to settle the question. John Baliol, one of the rivals who claimed the Scottish throne, was made the vassal king. Some time after this King Edward ordered Baliol to raise an army and help him fight the French. Baliol refused to do this, so Edward marched with an army into Scotland and took him prisoner.

William Wallace - Braveheart
The men whom he appointed to govern the Scots ruled unwisely and nearly all the people were discontented. Suddenly an army of Scots was raised. It was led by Sir William Wallace, a knight who was almost a giant in size. William Wallace's men drove the English out of the country and Wallace was made the "Guardian of the Realm." Edward then led a great army against him. The Scottish soldiers were nearly all on foot. Wallace arranged them in hollow squares, spearmen on the outside, bowmen within. The English horsemen dashed vainly against the walls of spear-points. But King Edward now brought his archers to the front. Thousands of arrows flew from their bows and thousands of William Wallace's men fell dead. The spears were broken and the Scots were defeated. Wallace barely escaped with his life. He was afterwards betrayed to Edward, who cruelly put him to death. He was hung, drawn and quartered in Smithfield, London.

Famous People of the Middle Ages - William Wallace - Braveheart
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William Wallace - Braveheart

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William Wallace - Braveheart

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